Secret Weapon!Light Vaccine Protection China Olympic Delegation New Crown Zero infection!

[Secret Weapon#Light Vaccine Protection China Olympic Delegation New Crown Zero infection#!] The Japanese epidemic is not optimistic. The Chinese delegation returned home safely. Foreign media have focused on how this was done? It turned out that in addition to strict implementation of epidemic prevention measures, the Chinese representative There is also an international cooperation black technology behind the group from Shanghai: the 222-nanometer "light vaccine", which is an advanced ultraviolet disinfection device that can achieve a 99.99% elimination rate for microorganisms such as the new coronavirus.

The Delta Novel Coronavirus is aggressive and highly contagious. The emergence of "light vaccine" is to protect humans by creating an environment where the virus cannot spread.

Its principle is actually very simple: the "light vaccine" can emit 222 nanometer wavelength radiation energy. After being highly absorbed by the new coronavirus, its ribonucleic acid (RNA) helical structure link is destroyed, causing it to lose its ability to replicate and achieve a killing effect. In fact, all viruses, bacteria, and fungi can be killed by irradiation with a specific wavelength spectrum.

Because the short wavelength of 222 nanometers cannot penetrate the skin and eyes and is harmless to the human body, it can be disinfected when there are people. The "light vaccine" 222nm UVC solves a problem in the field of disinfection: how to achieve "human-machine coexistence, real-time disinfection".

After the "light vaccine" equipment is turned on, its krypton chloride excimer tube can emit light under the excitation of high-frequency and high-voltage current. After being filtered by a nano-level high-precision optical interference membrane filter, it emits pure 222-nanometer wavelength light that is harmless to the human body. , Disinfect the air and the surface of the object being irradiated. Killing is straightforward and nonsensical. The process does not produce any harmful substances or chemical residues.

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