Why Filtered 222nm Far-UVC Light in Occupied Spaces?


Filtered 222nm far-UVC light technology can be used wherever people gather and interact. The ideal application is for this continual air and surface disinfection technology is when the goal is to inactivate pathogens1 as soon as they enter the space.But why it’s being more and more common in Retails,Education,healthcare,transportation hubs,commercial office,hospitality fields etc?



The proteins on the top layers of the cornea of our eyes absorb 222nm far-UVC. When following safety guidelines, the 222nm wavelength does not penetrate these tissues to depths associated with cataracts, photokeratitis, and other eye conditions. In contrast, possible acute and chronic damage to eyes may result from the more generally employed 254nm UV wavelength used in many germicidal lamps. In addition, although lamps in the 405-430nm wavelength range can also be used in occupied spaces, they are not as effective against viruses as lamps with lower-range UVC wavelengths.


In addition to not affecting the eyes, 222nm far-UVC is also does not negatively affect the skin, when used following safety guidelines. Filtered 222nm does not affect living skin cells because it does not penetrate beyond dead skin cells of the stratum corneum. In contrast, possible acute and chronic damage to skin may result from the more generally employed 254nm UV wavelength used in many germicidal lamps.


The filtered 222nm technology utilizes an excimer lamp that employs a specially designed short pass filter to remove harmful UV wavelengths, resulting in a narrow band of UV centered at 222nm. Excimer lamps are arc discharge light sources with a special chamber filled with noble gas, completely mercury-free and without electrodes. Acuity Brands luminaires with QNICE far-UVC disinfection technology employ proprietary integrated controls to modulate pulses of the 222nm far-UVC to provide an appropriate dose that allows operation within the safety guidelines.

What’s more,in the real application,filtered 222nm far uvc light also have advantages below:

Occupants can be Present

Filtered 222nm far-UVC light can be used while people are present in the space.

Reduction of Pathogenic Bioburden

Inactivates viruses and bacteria

Autonomous Treatment

Continual air and surface disinfection technology

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